Let's Get Your Time Back

Is This You?

  • Constantly being distracted and interrupted all day long?
  • Having 15 minute tasks take all day to do, and at times, still not get done?
  • Putting important things off because they will take too long to do, or they are difficult, or you just don't like doing them?
  • Choosing to do the easier things first, so you will have time to do the other important things later in the day, only to find it's the end of the day and they are still not done?
  • It's 5.30pm, you've been flat out all day, your tired and worn out, your To Do List has very little completed and you can barely remember what you have done all day!

It's Time To Take Back Control Of Your Day!

This comprehensive program, is aimed at helping you get back control of your day. You will learn the skills of planning and time management, and then learn and start to build your skills in being able to stop yourself from putting things off till later and the skills needed to manage your business and team to start reducing those distraction and interruptions in your day. Resulting in you, being able to get twice as much done each day in less time. 

There are two series of Time Management programs, one specifically created for childcare centre owners, director and managers and one created specifically for business owners and managers.

These are one off programs with one fee. All You need to do is choose the program for you.

We have recently aded the "Childcare Centres Time Management & Team Development Programs" to our training packages. This package contains the two time management programs as well as a series of mini courses that can be use to develop team members skills as part of your regular meetings and in your professional development training days.

We are continually adding new mini courses on a weekly basis.

This program is covered by a monthly subscription payment.


Peter Johnson

The Time Retriever

Peter Johnson

As a Business & Personal Productivity coach, my aim is to help business owners and their teams, develop high level, real time management skills, to help remove a lot of the frustration and stress they endure each day. This enables them to get their day under control and get more done, thus building a high-quality business and still have time left over for their family, holidays and friends.